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ACO Active ComfortThis multifunctional finish combines three effects in one fabric: keeps you dry, stay clean, feel cool !
AFR Active FreshnessActive Freshness – Keeping Cool in Action! Changes in consumer awareness and behavior have created a need for clothes that stay fresh and are free from undesirable odors, even after prolonged wear. Antimicrobial effect
CDC Clean and Dry ComfortClean and Dry Comfort – Rain or Shine, Clothes stay fine. The special waterproof finish creates a barrier effect, repelling liquids which simply pearl off!
CCO Cool ComfortKeep cool and dry with high-tech finish, which allows the garment to breathe whilst at the same time transporting moisture away from the body.
ECP Easy Care PlusEasy Care Plus – So look out for the "EASY CARE PLUS" label, which will tell you that the fabric has been processed with a special high-tech finish that ensures a soft, smooth clean appearance straight from the dryer.
FOD Freshness on DemandFreshness on Demand – Choose your scent to match your mood. A program that is laundry lasting whereby consumers can actually choose a scent to match their mood.
LCO Lasting ColorLasting Color – colors that stay and don´t wash away. Garments retain their exciting vibrant colors even after repeated washing, thanks to specially selected dyes.
SPO Sun ProtectionSun Protection – skin care you can wear. Sensitive skins need protection from the sun since not all garments prevent harmful rays from reaching and burning the skin.
SPK Sun Protection for KidsChildren’s skin requires extra protection because they are especially at risk:
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