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Doctor of Medicine MUDr. David Kasal

Children’s skin requires extra protection because they are especially at risk. There are T-Shirts with high UV-protection for children here. The material has good effect of moisture transportation. You can buy common T-Shirt but without Sun Protection treatment. That´s why I recommend T-Shirts from 100% cotton with label SMART Sun Protection UPF 50+ .

I recommend:

Head of Children´s Outpatient Department, HOSPITAL IN CHRUDIM
Doctor of Medicine MUDr.David Kasal




In the first line of the orchestra is not possible to hide behind someone. Everytime people can see me. Sometimes I sweat during the concert and the effect of "Perspiration marks are dramatically reduced"  helps me to feel very well... :-D

We recommend:

Mojmir Sedy, member of swing orchestra BIG BAND Chrudim, Czech Republic