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How to Shop

Any visitor to our e-shop has the option to use the Visitor Basket. It allows saving items in a so-called temporary basket. Once a new or an unlogged-in customer leaves the e-shop, the basket will be emptied.

Each logged-in customer may use the so-called Customer Basket. This basket allows the logged-in customer to leave the goods in the basket also after leaving the e-shop and to finish the order at another time.

The logged-in customer may make use of various services we offer. Such services include:

  Completed Form – you have to complete the form just once, upon login. Your data will then be automatically added to any order that follows.

  Customer Basket - All goods put in the basket are saved in the basket until removed or until the purchase is completed.
If a customer, who is not logged in, puts goods in the Visitor Basket and then logs in to the e-shop, the contents of the Visitor Basket will be automatically moved to the Customer Basket.

  Address Book - We can also deliver goods to other addresses than those specified upon login!

  History of Orders - Displaying of all orders placed at our e-shop.

  Product Evaluation - Share your experiences you have with the offered goods with other visitors.