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Business Terms and Conditions

These Business Terms and Conditions define and specify in detail the rights and obligations of the Seller and the Buyer.

These Business Terms and Conditions are applicable in the version provided at the Seller's website on the day of sending the electronic order by the Buyer.

1. Ordering

Goods can be ordered at the website (www.smart-textile.eu),(www.smart-textile.com) SMART Textile s.r.o. does not guarantee that the ordered goods are available at the moment they are ordered. Each Buyer will be informed via the communication channel (e-mail) about confirmation of the order.

2. Delivery

The ordered goods shall be sent through DPD (www.dpd.com) to the Buyer's address or sending the goods to the EU states and worldwide, only the DPD shipping company shall be used. Every order shall be processed without undue delay, however in any case within 10 days. The shipment shall include the ordered goods and the purchase receipt (invoice) including a product functional modification.

3. Shipping and Handling, Payment Terms

The shipping and handling rates depend on the ordered amount and country consignment. The shipping rate is selected upon completing the order. No shipping will be charged if goods are ordered (see table below). In the case of excessive weight of the total order, the Seller reserves the right to charge the Buyer the actual difference in the shipping costs. Such a difference must be notified on the 2 days after order and the Buyer must agree with such price increase.




delivery price in EUR

   ordered value in EUR to be free of delivery price

zone 1

   EU (Europe)



zone 2




zone 3




zone 4

   USA and Canada



zone 5




zone 6




zone 7

   China, India, Asia and Oceanic i.



zone 8





Method and Price of Delivery:

DPD parcel, it depends on destination of delivery and cost of DPD. Select country in order form and see the delivery handling rate.

4. Payment condition

The payment condition depends on the selection of the Buyer:

5. Option to Return the Goods

If the ordered goods do not suit you for any reason, you may return them unused within 14 days after receiving them to the logistic address SMART Textile s.r.o., Na Vetrniku 1384. 537 05 Chrudim IV, Czech Republic. Sending the goods back is only possible in the original condition and packaging without any signs of use. We will return your money by return, therefore please provide your bank account number and address.

Sending the goods back must contain:

a) goods in the original condition and packaging without any signs of use

b) send the goods with the receipt – original invoice

c) brief description of the reason for returning the goods

d) please, provide your bank account number and address

We charge the fees for sending money back into a bank account in the case of returning goods. The amount will be deducted from the value of the returned goods.

Please do not send the goods back Cash On Delivery. We recommend insuring the goods before sending them back.

6. Exchange of Goods

If the Buyer wants to exchange the goods for another size, the goods must be sent to the logistic address  SMART Textile s.r.o., Na Vetrniku 1384, 537 05 Chrudim IV, Czech Republic. Please verify the available sizes by inputting the item in the search box (Search in Goods) at the website's homepage (www.smart-textile.eu) or (www.smart-textile.com)  The item number is specified in the issued receipt. You may reserve the available size for exchange for 48 hours maximum. The postage in the case of exchange shall be paid by the Buyer in the same amount as the postage of the delivered order. The price of the returned goods shall be set off against the price of the exchanged goods. If the shipment was delivered to the Buyer at zero price of shipping, the price of shipping for the exchanged goods will also be zero. Returning the goods is only possible in the original condition and packaging without any signs of use. Please do not send the goods COD. We recommend insuring the goods before sending them back.

7. Claims and Guarantees in e-Shopping

Any claims will be settled in accordance with the Complaint Rules of the e-shop (www.smart-textile.eu) (www.smart-textile.com) and legal rules applicable in the Czech Republic. A complaint may be made regarding the goods according to the conditions of the Complaint Rules. Exchange or return of the goods is only possible in the original and intact condition.

Any complaints concerning the goods in the e-shop (www.smart-textile.eu) (www.smart-textile.com) are governed by the applicable provisions of the Civil Code (in particular the Civil Code, Part Four – Special Provisions on Selling Goods in a Shop) and the Consumer Protection Act (Act No. 634/1992 Coll. dated 16 December 1992 on Consumer Protection).

The eventual rule of law will be arbitrated by the court of law in the place of registered office of the company SMART Textile s.r.o. There is settled the Textile laboratory Liberec, U Jezu 4, 461 19  Liberec, Czech Republic in case of judging technical parameters .

At the moment the goods are received, the Buyer becomes the owner of the goods, and the guarantee term of 24 months for such goods will start. The "receipt-invoice" enclosed to the goods is considered as the guarantee certificate. The guarantee applies to all apparent and hidden defects of the goods that are not compatible with their functionality or their utility value. The guarantee does not cover wear and tear caused by normal use.

If the Buyer finds out after taking the goods over that the goods show any defects, the Buyer will have the right to claim the goods with the Seller (www.smart-textile.eu ) (www.smart-textile.com) . In the case of removable defects, the Buyer is entitled to have them removed free of charge, in a timely manner and properly without undue delay. In the case of irremovable defects, the Buyer is entitled to have the item replaced or to withdraw from the contract. The Buyer has the same rights in the case of defects that are removable, but they also do not allow the Buyer to use the goods properly due to repeated occurrence of the defect after repair or due to a large number of defects.

In the case of a claim, the Buyer shall file the claim in the following manner:

1) the Seller informs the Buyer by sending an e-mail to info@smart-textile.eu     

2) the Seller send the complained goods to the address of logistic: SMART Textile s.r.o.,Na Vetrniku 1384, 537 05 Chrudim IV,Czech Republic

Sending goods must contain, it is obliged:

a) complained goods

b) number of your order, receipt-invoice

c) description of the indentified defects of the goods and how they manifest themselves

d) please, specify what you expect from the complaint procedure – replacement of

    the goods, reapair of the goods or return of money paid for the goods

e) number of your bank account in IBAN, SWIFT code, and the address of your bank

3) After taking the claim, the Seller shall decide on further steps and shall notify the Buyer of referring the complaint within 3 business days from delivery of the claim (via email) or the Seller shall suggest a further complaint procedure. The Buyer is obliged to enclose a receipt-invoice delivered to the Buyer with the goods.

4) At the Buyer's discretion, the repaired goods shall be sent to the Buyer to the specified address (within 30 days or as agreed with the Seller) or, if the Buyer withdraws from the contract, financial funds spent for the purchased goods shall be sent to the Buyer either into a bank account (the number of which shall be specified by the Buyer upon filing the claim).

The goods that are the subject of a complaint cannot be sent COD; no such shipment will be accepted.

Postage paid by the Buyer for the complaint procedure shall not be refunded by the e-shop (www.smart-textile.eu)(www.smart-textile.com).

8. Addition

The e-shop (www.smart-textile.eu) (www.smart-textile.com) assumes no responsibility for any damage caused to the shipment by the carrier DPD (www.dpd.com). If the shipment is received damaged (torn, apparently deformed, with open transport packaging, etc.), the Buyer is entitled not to take over the shipment; otherwise the e-shop (www.smart-textile.eu) (www.smart-textile.com) is released from any obligations resulting for it from the Complaint Rules, and the carrier DPD will become the Buyer's counter-party in the complaint settlement procedure.

9. Personal Data Protection

Our company gives the highest priority to processing orders and claims. The same emphasis is placed on personal data protection. All data acquired from customers is exclusively used for the internal needs of the company. No data is provided to third parties. An external carrier, to which the inevitable minimum amount of information about the Buyer is provided, is the only exception, such information to be used for trouble-free delivery of the goods.

10. Final assignation

These Complaint Rules come into effect on 6th  June 2012.   Changes in the Complaint Rules reserved.

Thank you for your confidence

We hope you have been assured of the trustworthiness and credibility of e-shopping with SMART Textile s.r.o.

In the case of any questions, comments or suggestions please contact us; any initiative from you is an inspiration for us to further improve the quality of services we provide.

SMART Textile s.r.o. team.